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"The human soul has still greater need of the ideal than of the real. It's by the  real that we exist, it's by the ideal that we live"

                                                        Victor Hugo   



                      Creative playground of the soul


                                  Unleash your soul to the world


                                  Music of ones soul

Once upon time a young lad fresh from the Gomorrah's of Glasgow Scotland landed on Canadian soil in 1969. Spending brief time in Scarberia suburbs of Toronto picking up his Canadian accent (the Scottish comes out when the brown bottles come out). Relocating to Ajax in 1972 is where Gerry got the Music-In-Me jiggy jive. The local high schools, Ajax High and Denis O'Connor offered fantastic musical educations both inside and outside of class, plus it was way more fun and cooler than math lessons. Through high school the baritone saxophone was always in Gerry's hands and mouth. After high school the bass guitar was the cool rock'n roll instrument to gravitate to (everyone was a guitar player), as well as pursuing a career in the Aerospace industry. From the 80's to present day Gerry has played in bands and recording studios, toured and had house band residencies as a bass player side-man, plus was able to have careers in various hi-tech industries......Time to "Unleash the Hounds!!" as they say....


Soul Camera is the creative musical outlet of Gerry for the production and distribution of his original music to be heard throughout the universe. This outlet gives Gerry 100% freedom to write and create any musical style, sound, or groove and release it into the digital world of streaming and downloading. Playing most of the instruments himself and asking any one of his many talented pals to join in makes the logistics of producing so much easier, both mentally and monetarily, "two ego's at a time!" as he is so often quoted.

When not living in Voodoo Lounge land, Gerry currently plays bass for the Photogenics and electric guitar for the I Dunno Band, gigging  around southern and northern parts of Ontario ("but not to much, hahaha").​

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